Window Cleaning With Water Fed Poles

Extreme Clean Surrey has spared no expense while investing in the very best window cleaning equipment available on the market today. This includes telescopic, carbon fibre water fed poles that reach windows as high as 70-feet.

The water is then delivered to the window’s glass using a DuPont Flock brush that has been fitted with a large rinse bar. And because the cleaning process uses nothing but hot Purified water, you can be sure that your window will shine and sparkle once we’re finished cleaning your windows.

Benefits Of Water Fed Pole Cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods using a ladder and bucket, with the window cleaner cleaning each window with a mop, squeegee and Camious leather are a thing of the past!

Here at Extreme Clean Surrey we don’t just keep up with the times, we lead the way locally by continually investing the very best equipment for a number of reasons including: 

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