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Roof Cleaning is a specialist job, requiring knowledge, expertise, and specialist tools. The Extreme Clean Surrey staff are fully trained in roof cleaning; they are provided with the best equipment on the market and are fully insured to undertake the work. Safety is our number one priority, both for our staff and clients. While cleaning your roof, we will put measures in place to ensure that nobody working on the property or living in the property is at any risk of injury. Once the work is complete, we will clean up after ourselves, leaving your home looking immaculate before we leave.

Roof cleaning can be generalised into 3 parts and depending on roof type, degree of soiling, budget and desired results.

Using specifically shaped blades to match your tile profile we manually scrape the roof with a telesco pole from a portable scaffold tower. This will remove approx 90%

The product we use is Algoclear Pro which kills moss and lichen and gently cleans the roof over a few months and gives upto 5 years protection from regrowth. This too is applied with a pole with a spray trolley attached and is also done from a portable scaffold tower.

We prefer a chemical free approach and use 150degree celsius steam through an 8" mosmatic flat surface cleaner at around 400psi so very low pressure. We never use high pressure as this strips the protective surface from the tiles.

It is entirely upto the customer if we use one, two or all three methods and we will advise accordingly. Most customers go for a scrape and biocide and only have the deep clean if instant results are required.


Before each clean I take 4k video using a drone. I am fully insured and licensed by the Civial Aviation Association as a commercial pilot.
We also do another video after the clean. Duri this inspection we can identify any pre-existing damage which may need urgent attention and can recommend a roofer or give you a link to the video and you contact your own roofer.
Moss and lichen is causing damage from the moment it takes hold and has no beneficial prooerties for insulation at all. The freeze thaw effect is amplified on a soiled roof causing premature roof failure.

£450.00 Minimum Charge

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